Greetings… The 2016 Little League Season is fast approaching.  Have you registered your child to play yet?  Be sure to register beore March 1st.  After that it will cost $10 more per child. If your child is between 9 years old and 12 years old (league age), he or she must be registered by Saturday March 12th for tryouts.  According to Little League rules all 9-12 year olds must try…

February 26, 2016

Strike Zone Batting Practice

February 6, 2016

Hello from the Millbury Little League Board of Directors! I am sure that most of you are already tired of the cold and the recent snow. Winter is fully upon us. But, please know that spring is around the corner!! With spring coming, that means that baseball season is almost here. It is NOT to early to think of baseball. So, in thinking that baseball is on its way, why not get a jump…